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Peter James West is the author of the science fiction series:
Tales of Cinnamon City

If you're new to the my books, you'll find that they're a mixture of military science fiction, action, and fantasy. Tales of Cinnamon City is a science fiction series set in the richly detailed world of Megarothia.

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Bella Online review for:

Information Cloud, Tales of Cinnamon City #1

Lisa Binion from Bella Online kindly wrote a review for Information Cloud along with an extensive interview.

You can check out Lisa's article at the following URL:

Lauren Miller Books review for: 

Information Cloud, Tales of Cinnamon City #1

Lauren Miller was kind enough to post a review on her blog Lauren Miller Books with a rating of:
4 stars.

You can read Lauren's review and check out her blog at the following URL:

Larry B. Gray review for: 

Information Cloud, Tales of Cinnamon City #1

Larry B. Gray was kind enough to post a review on his blog with a rating of: 
5 stars.

You can check out Larry's blog and read the review at the following URL:

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