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Kindle Questions / Kindle Answers


How do I read Kindle books if I don't have a Kindle device?


Amazon also offers a free Kindle reader application that can be installed for free on many different devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets or phones.

You can download it for free from Amazon here:

Kindle reader apps

Once you have installed the application, you can select a kindle compatible file and select open with Kindle application.


How do I find out what my address is? Do I have one?


When you first register for  a Kindle account with Amazon, you are automatically assigned an address.
You can find out what this email address is by going to the Amazon 'Manage my Kindle page'

Direct links are as follows:


How do I get a file onto my Kindle?


If you are using a Kindle device, and you have a file that you want to be included in your Kindle content, then one of the easiest ways to make that file available is to email it to your own email address. Amazon will then automatically import the file into your Kindle content. 

If you are using a Kindle reader application, right click on the file and select open with Kindle app.


A friend emailed a file to my address but the file did not appear in my Kindle content. What happened to it?


This could be because the email account used to send the file is not authorised to send files to your Kindle account.
When you first register for  Kindle account with Amazon, only that email address is authorised to send content to your address.  
You can authorise more email addresses (more of your own email accounts, or those of your friends) by going to the Amazon 'Manage my Kindle page'

Direct links are as follows:
Manage My Kindle (Amazon US)
Manage My Kindle (Amazon UK)

Once you have logged in to Manage My Kindle, 

  1. Click on 'Personal Document Settings' on the left hand column.
  2. Look at the bottom of the page where it says, 'Approved Personal Document Email-List'. 
  3. Click Add a new approved email address
  4. Enter the email address that you want to be able to send files to your Kindle account from.
  5. Click 'Add Address'
  6. That's it. You should now be able to send files from that address.


What type of files can I send to my Kindle device?


You should be able to email any of the following file types to your email address and the files appear in your Kindle content.
  • Microsoft Word (.DOC, .DOCX)
  • HTML (.HTML, .HTM)
  • RTF (.RTF)
  • JPEG (.JPEG, .JPG)
  • Kindle Format (.MOBI, .AZW)
  • GIF (.GIF)
  • PNG (.PNG)
  • BMP (.BMP)
  • PDF (.PDF); is supported in our experimental category. See below for details.

Do you have a Kindle Question? Add it as a comment and I'll try to answer it.

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