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Peter James West is the author of the science fiction series:
Tales of Cinnamon City

If you're new to the my books, you'll find that they're a mixture of military science fiction, action, and fantasy. Tales of Cinnamon City is a science fiction series set in the richly detailed world of Megarothia.

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Monday, 25 June 2012

Announcement: Peter James West interview on Bookworm Live

Peter James West interview on Bookworm Live

From next weekend (30/6/2012), Peter James West will be featuring in a weeklong online interview with Sandra OBrien (Sanmac), host of Bookworm Live.

Bookworm Live is an online blog where bookworms around the world can share their reading pleasures.

You can read about Bookworm Live here:

The interview itself will consist of online questions and answers over a weeklong period and will be in open format. If you would like to ask any questions about Peter's new book 'Information Cloud', book 1 in the series 'Tales of Cinnamon City', or if you would just like to ask about the writing process, publishing or the science fiction genre in general, then why not drop in and take a look?

Once again, the URL is:


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